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ACNIS Group is one of the world’s leading distributors of titanium alloys, stainless steels and technical alloys in the medical, aeronautical, defense, and high-tech industries.

The distribution of special products goes beyond the simple framework of the stockist of plates, bars, tubes …

Our business and our know-how lie in the technical knowledge of the products, the specifications, the suppliers and their technical evolutions.

Our role is to advise our customers on new products, to make short and timely inventory adapted to their needs, to offer new services such as cuts, product shapes (extrusion, powder for 3D printing, forged products, complex forms…) specifications, new suppliers … and to inform them about market trends and prices.

Our proximity and the knowledge of our customers allow us to enhance their competitiveness through the improvement of their Supply Chain (subcontracting flow, reduction of falls and loss of material, reduction of inventories, optimization of transport and freight flows).

The fields of expertise of ACNIS International have been, for 25 years, MEDICAL FIELD (prosthetists and implants) and the INDUSTRIEL FIELD (Formula 1, petrochemicals…)

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The areas of expertise of AEROMETALS & ALLOYS are the AERONAUTICS FIELDS (aerostructure and aircraft engines), the AEROSPACE FIELDS (Ariane, satellites) and the DEFENSE FIELDS (Shielding and missiles).

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